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A new way to help you track, manage and control your mobile data usage by showing you where you stand on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Set up alerts to make sure you’re always within your assigned data limit, or even track your usage when you’re out of town!

Start tracking your mobile

data usage in real-time!


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You Can See the

Bigger Picture
View how much data you have left in your plan
Get a visual representation of your data plan
Create personalized alerts

Or Dive Into the Details

Get specific real-time details on your data usage
View a breakdown of your usage by month,
week and day

Stay Informed
with Alerts

Know exactly when you’ve reached
a certain usage threshold
Make sure you stay within your
limits every month, week and day

And Get Help
Avoiding Extra Charges

Create a custom data zone to
make sure you don’t incur extra charges

So You’ll Always Know
Where You Stand

Get an immediate notification when you reach  or exceed a usage threshold you’ve set up

Setting Up An Account is Easy

And you only have to do it once!


Select your plan type


Choose the day your billing cycle starts


Enter your data plan amount


Enter how much data you’ve currently used

Then you’re ready to take control of your mobile data usage!

It’s all About Seeing

Everything Clearly

Get a complete overview of your data plan

Track usage by month, week or day

View details in
easy-to-understand graphs

View information in a clean and simple design

Know exactly how much data you’ve used

Find out when your
data usage is the highest

See your range of data use

Threshold Can Help You

  • Relieve the anxiety of going over your mobile data limit
  • Get the most out of your mobile data plan
  • Avoid extra charges with a custom data zone
  • Know where you stand with personalized alerts
  • See your usage in detail with easy-to-read graphs
  • Get a complete picture of your data plan and usage

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